Cycle of Oppression

Oppression is an unjust and cruel punishment towards a group of people. The group of people affected by oppression are considered to be marginalized. Oppression creates an unfair situation where the rights of others and opportunities are stripped away because of tyranny.

  1. Stereotypes: A generalized or preconceived image of a group of people (ex: Muslims are terrorists). A stereotype is one way where oppression is triggered. A generalized idea or image of someone can lead to false beliefs and escalate into further actions that are harmful.
  2. Prejudice: A belief or feeling for a group of people or a person based on preconceived ideas or notions (ex: Having a fear against Muslims because you believe they are terrorists). Prejudice can eventually turn into discrimination.
  3. Discrimination: Discrimination is acting on your prejudice (ex: If a Muslim person is denied services or access to public commodities because they are Muslim). This creates a systemic institution of unjust actions.
  4. Oppression: Discrimination then develops into oppression and creates a cycle of unjust and cruel punishments towards a group of people.

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